Tong delighted house music fans with a set of club classics

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Hermes Kelly Replica The show by the Heritage Orchestra was the highlight of a weekend of live music, which saw hundreds of artists performing to up to 20,000 people each day.Tong delighted house music fans with a set of club classics dating back over four decades. Singers Ella Eyre and Becky Hill guested during the show Replica Hermes, part of which was dedicated to the victims of the Manchester terror attack.Talking exclusively to the Oxford Mail after his Saturday headline set, Jamaican star Sean Paul said: „The two things I love about my career are creating music and the recognition I get from people and that’s what keeps me going. Having a crowd go crazy is amazing and Oxford was pretty wild crazy, amazing and wild!”There was a really good good vibe.”He joked that he was now waiting for his ears to recover after the deafening reception from the audience Hermes Kelly Replica.

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