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Man Utd set to become the world’s first £1bn club

Manchester United was last night on the verge of becoming the world’s Authentic Prada Handbags Canada first £1bn football club.

Shares in the European champions’ company climbed almost 15% to 376p yesterday shoes, valuing the club at £978m – less Authentic Prada Authentic Prada Bag For Sale Philippines Fairy Bag Sale than a David Beckham transfer away from the billion-pound mark.

The rise was sparked by a research note from Warburg Dillon Read stating its belief that United shares could actually be worth 500p – a price that would give it a market value of some £1.3bn. Eighteen months ago the club’s directors agreed to sell United to BSkyB for £623m.

Warburg Dillon Read’s analyst, Julian Easthope, describes United as „the ultimate content provider” and says its net division has not been fully valued by the stock market.

He said, the club’s website – which attracts 8m hits a month – and other new media possibilities make the shares worth at least £4.27 each.

The forthcoming bidding process for the Premier League broadcasting rights and more attractive sponsorship deals Authentic Prada Leather Handbag will also prove „very profitable for the group”.

It is thought United will generate significant new revenues from its pay-per-view and webcasting rights. It has signed an online gambling deal with the tax-free bookie Eurobet, based in Bicester Village Prada Online Gibraltar. The club will receive a percentage Authentic Prada Canvas Bag of any bets placed there, and its merchandising such as strips is also sold online.

The ground is being prepared for the advent of high-speed net links enabling the club to broadcast live games on the net. Freeserve is Are Prada Mens Shoes Worth It rumoured to be a possible partner.

„The telecast rights are the most controversial and potentially most exciting,” the Warburg Dillon Read note said.

„Manchester United has the most visited website in China; it has Bicester Village Prada Store Number a massive base of fans in the Far East generally and in Scandinavia, which has the highest internet penetration.

„With the introduction of broadband and improvements in streaming technology the opportunities are huge. When live games are Authentic Prada Vitello Daino Authentic Prada Gauffre available on the site subscription revenues would soon follow.”

Player wages are the only down side at the club, with stars demanding in excess of £40,000 a week.

Shares in United have more than doubled since Christmas, when they traded at 160p. Much of the rise has been attributed to a £30m sponsorship deal with Vodafone AirTouch.

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