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Awkward But Amazing: Watch Victoria’s Secret Models Go Grocery Shopping

Awkward But Amazing: Watch Victoria’s Secret Models Go Grocery Shopping

Supermodels, they’re just like us! If you’ve ever secretly thought that runway stars survive on lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and air, we have concrete evidence to prove that they do, in fact, eat. And — wait for it — they actually go to the grocery store, and, you know replica hermes, buy stuff. We can thank Harper’s Bazaar for making us feel better about ourselves for the monster cheese wheel we swiped at Whole Foods yesterday, because in this week’s episode of The Look, the magazine’s very, very bubbly, and very, very funny executive editor, Laura Brown, has a lil’ Q&A with VS Angels Erin Heatherton and Adriana Lima (rocking Sachin + Babi!) in the aisles of an NYC Gristedes.The high jinks that ensue are enough to guarantee these two cover stars 1:1 replica hermes azap bamboo green wallet womens their very own reality show 1:1 replica hermes azap mint green wallet — and should help propel Brown on a path to TV-hostess superstardom. The editor, who seemingly hasn’t ever seen the inside of a shop that just sells food, lets the gals help fill up her cart, 1:1 replica hermes azap gold womens while talking about fashion, lingerie (yes, they put a bra on some melons), and a wig named Ashley. 1:1 replica hermes azap aztec blue wallet Of course, no trip to Gristedes would be complete without 1:1 replica hermes 35cm orange feu clemence birkin bag with gold hardware some chatter about toilet paper, detergent, and…sexy onions. We already want this to be a Bravo series. Andy Cohen, you listening?Video: Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.

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