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She was hopeful when the forecast for this winter was

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If she believes him, she’ll start looking for food

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Photo: FIT From the `Garçonnes’ of the Twenties to the subtle androgyny of the nineties, when it comes to fashion, men and women alike have flouted the conventional standards for decades. 2011 fashion has taken cross-gender boundary-crossing to the next level, and more and more designers like to bridge the gap between the sexes in their creations. Rather than an act of provocation, blurring gender boundaries has almost become a banality. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way since the days when each piece of clothing was designed exclusively for men or women, and sartorial gender blending was seen as the expression of a renegade mind.`His and Hers’ Canada Goose coats uk , an exhibition at The Museum at FIT, examines the relationship between gender and fashion from the 18th Century up to the present day. The show’s co-curators Colleen Hill and Jennifer Farley answer our questions on gender boundaries, dress codes and androgyny.ELLE: How does fashion contribute in defining gender boundaries? CH&JF: Fashion often acts as an immediate signifier of gender, and most of us dress in ways that we consider to be appropriately masculine or feminine. However londonbc , gender is a social construct—not a biological phenomenon—so ideas of gender vary according to time, place, and our own individual perceptions. No article of clothing holds the same meaning for all people—making it difficult to establish a true definition of gender boundaries in relation to fashion. – Continue Reading BelowELLE: What are the main gender-related dress codes that have radically changed? CH&JF: Gender barriers are less rigid today than they were in the past, but most runway collections are still clearly categorized as menswear or women’s wear. Women’s appropriation of menswear styles is now incredibly common. However, it is still rare to see the reverse, and there remains a stigma attached to men looking too „feminine”. Skirts for instance, are still primarily viewed as women’s garments in the west, although Jean Paul Gaultier has consistently included them in his men’s collections since the mid-1980s.ELLE: Has fashion flirted with androgyny for a long time? CH&JF: Not necessarily, but women’s wear has a long history of adopting looks from menswear. Women’s tailor-made suits in the 19th century, for instance, adopted menswear construction techniques and design details. By the 1960s, influential designers such as Yves Saint Laurent were creating pantsuits for women. They were considered to be provocative at the time, but they have now become a part of many women’s wardrobes. Although these styles borrow heavily from menswear, however, they are usually cut to flatter a woman’s body.ELLE: Have gender boundaries been blurred or accentuated since the 18th century? CH&JF: In the 19th century, menswear and women’s wear were often distinctly different. The same is true with many 1950s styles. During periods like the 1960s and 1970s, however—with the „Peacock Revolution,” hippie fashions, and experimentations with unisex clothing—some argue that gender distinctions were more blurred.His & Hers is organized by Jennifer Farley and Colleen Hill, together with Tiffany Webber. The exhibition is on view through May 10, 2011 in the Fashion and Textile History Gallery at The Museum at FIT.

“His & Hers” at FIT

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