Americans get enormous benefit from paying down the debt

Canada Goose Outlet Senator John Kerry on President Bush’s Address to Congress

buy canada goose jacket LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: Now let’s go back to Washington. Let’s get some Democratic reaction to what President Bush had to say last night and maybe some reaction to the words we just heard this morning from everyday Americans out there.

Joining us now from canada goose uk shop Capitol Hill: Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

canadian goose jacket Senator, glad to have you with us this morning.

Canada Goose Jackets SEN. JOHN KERRY (D), MASSACHUSETTS: Delighted to be with you.

buy canada goose jacket cheap HARRIS: Did you happen to hear the guests that Jeff Flock was speaking to a moment ago? It sounds as though that President Bush’s last words last canadian goose jacket night fell on some rather receptive ears.

canada goose coats on sale KERRY: Well, obviously, they will.

I buy canada goose jacket mean, if you are going to say to people some very easy phrases like,”It’s your money, you deserve it back,” most of us are going to cheer. I mean, that’s a pretty good phrase jacket in canada goose clearance American politics. But I thought both of those individuals you interviewed before you talked about the death tax were very interesting.

canada goose store The woman said: If the needs of Americans are being met. And the man said: I haven’t done the numbers, but if the money is there and you can do it.

canada goose black friday sale Both canada goose coats of them were doing exactly what we Canada Goose Jackets who are in positions of responsibility are doing: making certain the needs of Americans are met and making certain that the money is there. And the problem with George Bush’s plan is: He puts Medicare at canada goose black friday sale risk; he puts Social Security at risk, because he takes money out of Social Security to put into his special fund; and he does not pay down the debt as fast as we would like to and invest in the needs of America, the way that woman said we need to.

canada goose clearance KERRY: So there’s a Canada Goose online big difference.

canada goose clearance sale HARRIS: Is that the new tack the Democrats are going to take now, is to go ahead and Canada Goose Parka bring out the Medicare issue? Because it seems as though now cheap canada goose uk what we’ve been hearing up uk canada goose until now has been really buy canada goose jacket cheap hitting on whether or not the tax is fair whether tax cut, rather, is fair because the rich seem to benefit so much more. Is Medicare now the new battlefront?

Canada Goose sale KERRY: canada goose clearance sale Well, it’s not a question of canada goose store new battlefront. All of these issues are at stake. We have always argued all through last year we argued you have to set aside about Canada Goose Online $400 billion to protect Medicare. That is a major issue. canada goose uk black friday All of us in the Democratic Party believe that Medicare must be protected and that you have to face the fact that it’s going to go bankrupt in about 12, 15 years if you don’t do that.

canada goose Most Americans want to protect it. And they also are now asking to have a prescription drug benefit covered under Medicare. The president talked about it last night. You can’t do that. You just I mean, the numbers canada goose uk outlet our numbers it’s like any American family that has to take their budget, take their income. You add up how much you pay for the car, how much you pay for food, how much you pay for the house, for heat, Canada Goose Outlet or an apartment. We are doing the same thing.

canada goose deals And when you add it up, the money doesn’t add up the way President Bush put it to us last night.

canada goose coats HARRIS: Well, Senator, I’m glad you mentioned those items because were you able to hear Alan Greenspan’s words moments ago when he was Canada Goose Coats On Sale testifying there before the congressional committee?

HARRIS: OK, well, he was saying that, basically, right now that the economy it seemed to be that it is in retrenchment right now. But he says down the road things do look somewhat rosier. He is apparently holding off on announcing any tax cuts right now any interest rate cuts right now.

Canada Goose Parka KERRY: Interest rate reductions.

HARRIS: Yes, exactly. But the words that he may come up with here, does that not lend more ammunition to George W. Bush’s argument here?

KERRY: Not really, because, first of all, a pay down on the debt is a tax cut. Americans get enormous benefit from paying down the debt. Number two, you’ve got to make sure that you are putting money into the pockets of the average American in order to cheap Canada Goose kick the canada goose factory sale economy into gear.

Canada Goose online If you are talking about giving canada goose a very wealthy person uk canada goose outlet money they invest, those investments are not going to really take hold until down the road. When you talk about stimulating the economy, you are talking about consumption. Consumption comes about when the average American gets extra dollars in their pocket. And under George Bush’s plan, 25 million Canada Goose sale Americans, 20 percent of taxpayers who pay in the payroll tax, don’t get a benefit. So you need to really look at this thing very closely.

We are for a tax cut. I want to emphasize that. I want a tax cut. I want every American to get a tax cut. But I want it to be fair. I want it to be fiscally responsible, within the limits of what we need to do, for instance, for education, what we need to do in order to guarantee prescription drug coverage, what we need to do canada goose coats on sale to unclog our airports and our highways, what we need to do to provide clean drinking water, safe drinking water to our children.

I mean, there are just police officers, the cops program on the streets. These things don’t come for free. And Americans are going to have to decide whether they care about the public safety, fighting drugs, doing those things adequately and leaving no child behind.

HARRIS: Well, it sounds as though the table has been set and the debate is now set to begin. Senator Kerry, you have gotten off to a good start this morning.

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