She also backs up what she says by statistics

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3 points submitted 3 days agoI moncler jackets men like the arguments you making. Personally, to keep it short, I agree w some parts and disagree w some parts. For instance, I moncler coats for kids think moncler outlet ny that GMS2 is definitely beginning after the restart update. I also think that different people want different experiences in a game. From a dev standpoint, it hard to keep everyone satisfied.That being said, I don think their direction in moncler outlets uk development will change, regardless of how loudly we speak up. Countless users spoke up in Korea and moncler chicago China, and if it hasn changed for them, my guess is that it won here. Nexon isn really the type to actively talk to its userbase. They said they would for KMS2, but that died away real quick.The game director did change recently moncler coats for cheap from moncler coats for men Kim to Shin (who showed up at MapleFest). moncler outlet store The patch going into kms2 and cms2 next week or so is improving alot of the criticisms, especially with dungeon discount moncler jackets rewards; maybe there might moncler jacket online be some change you like, but I just see the possibility of changing the entire direction of the game like this very moncler coats cheap low.joohwan91922 1 point submitted 3 days agoI understand and I agree that Nexon isn the type to hear out players although back in moncler coats for women the day I remember in KMS1 website, they would have polls opened up to everyone on their forum and listen to peoplewhich ultimately resulted in big bang womens moncler jackets update.However, I do think we have the right platform moncler jackets on sale right now with GMS2 on their forum. The game hasn launched yet and everybody is on the forum making posts about this and that. It actually very active. Also Moncler Outlet online there are CM (community masters/managers) who monitors and responds to almost all posts under suggestions and feedback section.CM are also watching very carefully during this time because the game hasn launched and im willing to bet nexon told them to see how much moncler jackets outlet hype there is pre launch to see if it will be worth the moncler outlets usa money to actually go through with the launch itself. And having this road trip with the community to reach certain „points” proves my point even further. Although they might not announce it as „we trying to see how many people will play and how much hype it has to measure if it be worth our money in the end to launch here in NA” I would say that it their way of deciding to cheap moncler coats for women pull the trigger or not on launching. Also it wouldn be the first time Nexon has done that moncler outlet online store with their games. I think Nexon game „Kart Rider” only went through beta and never launched. CM are definitely examining what people are saying and you can see that on the forum that the CM respond saying „I will relay the message” or something similar to the posts. 1 point submitted 3 days agoThat great news. Regardless of how Discount Moncler Coats much the CMs listen, and how much they relay back to the devs, strategy team and PMs, you have to realize that the industry system they are in makes it difficult for nexon to make drastic changes so easily.If you look at the Korean gaming industry as an enterprise, the main stakeholders are the investors, not the users. Devs moncler jackets mens often end up Official Moncler Outlet doing what the investors want; my guess is something similar happened here as well. Then if you look at the game from a Moncler Factory Outlet dev/PM perspective, you also have to understand that discount moncler outlet CMS2 and KMS2 run on moncler jackets for women the essentially the same client. Their next patch goes online at the same date for the two servers. Asking for a completely moncler outlet mall different buy moncler jackets toronto route moncler outlet canada of strategy and development is hella time and money consuming. The MS2 team right now has like, none of that at all. If anything, going along with what cheap moncler jackets wholesale you said about nexon maybe pulling out after beta, if ppl disagree with their direction of development so much, they might just consider it not worth and pull out. As of right now, don see that happening, but it a possibility nonetheless.Also like, CMs kinda have to say that they listening. They say that when they do and say that when they don It a business strategy. ALL the Korean companies do it. 2 points submitted 6 days agoPeople stop downvoting this guy. I frequent Korean sites as well and they very sure the game going to fail in the global market bc it reliance on P2W and shitty optimization. I know people on this sub for some reason keep saying that the game runs fine on most PCs but this is moncler jackets kids not true. Only a year or two ago it didn support multicores, the environment based on Direct X 9.0c, and there are known problems with communicating w the server. Heck, the engine is on Gamebryo.That being said, if you watch Korean streamers, there lag everywhere. cheap moncler jackets outlet Sure, Koreans are sensitive to lag but look at this video that the GMs made for an event recently. A promo video with this level of frame drop is just sad.tammy909 7 points submitted 1 month agohave you read the book? because I read it. I don moncler jackets toronto think it overgeneralizes males. The book tone is very anecdotal and rather than overgeneralizing males, it does explain moncler outlet online the basic privileges that men in Korea receive. She also backs up what she says by statistics. I not saying the book is perfect, but I don think just because the book tends to be associated with groups lie megalia doesn mean that it should be. Ask any woman that read it and grown up here in cheap moncler Korea, Its a pretty accurate and fair representation of what life is like on korea as a woman.The original reason that it got popular the way it did was because a politician gave the copy of the book to Moon Jae In. 2 points submitted 1 month agoI haven read the book (nor have I read any books in a while) so I can make the best judgement about it, but I can say that theres moncler outlet uk plenty of critics who made arguments about it taking anecdotes and portraying the other gender as antagonists or relying on only specific parts of statistics to make an argument (confirmation bias).Acknowledging this, I may be 100% wrong and the book may be amazing. But that isn my point. What moncler outlet woodbury I saying is moncler coats sale that the book has a controversial stance, and has a negative image with a specific group of radical feminists/female chauvinists. It did blow moncler jackets up in the publicly after it was gifted to Moon, but Yeosi people advertising the book at any given chance was what gave the book a bad image to begin with. Again, context is everything.tammy909 4 points submitted 1 month agoi agree with you for moncler coats the most part. I understand the connotations that this book might carry because of how certain groups have adopted it. However, My issue with your post is ” Netizens in general arent to blame at all. This isn a gender problem either; its more of a mix of internet culture and idol culture causing conflict.”it might moncler outlet be an internet culture and idol culture class, but its completely a gender problem. notice no female fans are burning her merch because they feel betrayed that she read a moncler jackets cheap certain book.

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