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If you’re new to the Air Jordan game cheap nike air max 95 , you probably have a whole lot of catching up to do. With nearly every original Air Jordan already gone through the Retro cycle (with a few making several comebacks), the available options to build your Air Jordan collection could keep you busy for months – or you can cop this sick 97-pair collection in one fell swoop. This particular lot includes only the Air Jordan 1 through Air Jordan XIII in sizes 10.5-11.0, but nearly every pair brand spankin’ new and there’s some serious heat in here (’94 Retros, Eminem IIs, the original DMP, etc.). The asking price, however, is at $45,000 airmaxwinkelen , which boils down to $463.92 per pair, but the comfort of completing a sick library of Air Jordans in just one click might be too tempting if you have that sort of dough to spare (free shipping, though). Check out the entire collection below, and be sure to check the full listing from babiiicakes26 on eBay.1-’94 retro I white/ black-red DS sz 10.52-retro 1 “old love” DS sz 113-retro 1 “new love” DS sz 114-’01 retro I black/ red DS sz 10.55-’01 retro I royal blue/ black DS sz 116-’01 metallic silver/ midnight navy- white DS sz 117-’03 patent leather white/ black- varsity red DS sz 10.58-’03 patent leather white/ Carolina blue DS sz 10.59-’03 patent leather black/ metallic gold DS sz 1110-retro II Eminem “The Way I am” Black /stealth DS sz 10.5 (shirt included)11-’02 retro II white/black-red DS sz 10.512-’03 retro III white/ cement grey DS sz 10.513-’01 retro III black/ cement grey DS sz 10.514-’11 retro III white/ cement grey (worn twice) sz 10.515-retro III “black cats” DS sz 10.516-retro III “flip” DS sz 10.517-’11 retro III “true blues” DS sz 10.518-’11 retro III black cement/grey DS sz 10.519-’99 retro IV white/ cement grey DS sz 10.5 (shoe box says sz 10 but the shoes are sz 10.5)20-’99 retro IV black/ cement grey DS sz 10.521-’12 retro IV white/cement grey DS sz 10.522- retro IV “mars blackmon” (worn 5x) sz 10.523- retro IV black laser RA DS sz 10.524- retro IV white laser DS sz 11 (hat and shirt included)25-’99 retro IV “oreo” DS sz 1126-retro IV “Lightning” DS sz 10.5 (includes shirt)27-retro IV “black cats” DS sz 10.5 (poster included)28- retro IV “cool grey” (worn 3x) sz 10.529-’12 retro IV white/black-red DS sz 1130-’11 retro V black-metallic silver DS sz 10.531-retro BIN V Premio DS sz 10.532-retro V “raging bull” red suede DS sz 10.533-retro V “raging bull” black 3M DS sz 10.534-retro V “wolf grey” DS sz 10.535-retro V black/university blue LS 4/10 (wearable) sz 10.536-Retro V laser RA DS sz 10.537-’99 retro V black/ metallic silver DS sz 10.538-’06 retro V “grapes” DS sz 10.539-’00 V “laney high” DS sz 10.540-’99 retro V white/ fire red DS sz 10.541-retro V white/ metallic silver DS sz 10.542-’00 retro VI “Olympic” midnight navy DS sz 10.543-retro VI “motorsports” DS sz 1144-’00 retro VI “Infrared” (worn 10x VNDS, great condition) sz 10.545-’12 retro VI “Olympic” DS sz 10.546-retro VI white/ white midnight navy DS sz 1147-retro VI DMP48-CDP VI “Carmines” (worn 8x) sz 10.549-’10 retro VI white/infrared DS sz 10.550-’10 retro VI black/infrared DS sz 10.551- Gold Medal Pack retro VI DS sz 10.552- Gold Medal Pack retro VII DS sz 10.553- retro VII CDP “hares” DS sz 10.554-’11 retro VII “Bordeaux” (worn 3 times) sz 10.555- retro VII “chambray” DS sz 10.556-’04 retro VII “Olympics” DS sz 10.557-’02 retro VII white/ French blue DS sz 10.558-’02 retro VII black / true red DS sz 10.559- retro VIII “aquas” DS sz 1160-retro VIII “playoffs” (worn 4x) sz1161-retro VIII black/chrome DS sz 1162-’02 retro IX “flint grey” DS sz 10.5 (missing retro card)63-’02 retro IX “cool grey” (worn twice) sz 10.5 (alternate box and missing retro card)64-’02 retro IX “olive” DS sz 1165-retro IX photo blue/black DS sz 10.566-retro X white/ice blue DS sz 1167-retro X steel grey DS sz 1168-CDP X (worn 8x) VVNDS sz 1169-retro X “stealth” (worn 5x) sz 10.570-retro X “Chicago” (worn 1x) VVVVVNDS sz 10.571-’00 retro XI white / Columbia blue DS sz 10.572-’00 retro XI “cool grey” (worn once, could pass as DS) sz 10.573-’01 retro XI “bred/playoffs” DS sz 1174-CDP XI “bred/playoffs” DS sz 1175-’11 retro XI “concords” (worn 1x) VVVVNDS sz 10.576-retro XI “silver anniversary” white/ white DS sz 10.577-’10 retro XI “cool grey” DS sz 10.578-DMP XI DS sz 10.579-’00 retro XI “space jam” (worn 1x can pass as DS) sz 1180-’00 retro XI “concords” DS sz 1181-retro XII “playoffs” black/ white DS sz 10.582-’09 retro XII white/ varsity red (worn 3x) sz 10.583-’03 retro XII white/grey DS sz 10.584-CDP XII “taxi” DS sz 1185-retro XII white/ French blue DS sz 10.586-’12 retro XII “obsidian” DS sz 10.587-’03 retro XII black/ varsity red DS sz 10.588-’03 retro XII “nubuck” black/ blue DS sz 10.5 ( hat and hoodie included)89-retro XIII white/ grey- university blue DS sz 1190-retro XIII black/ varsity red DS sz 1191-retro XIII “grey toes” red/white (some bleeding worn 5x) sz 10.592-CDP XIII (worn 8x) sz 1193-retro XIII white/wheat sz DS sz 10.594-’11 retro XIII black-vibrant yellow “playoffs” (worn 10x) sz 10.595-’11 retro XIII white/ varsity red (worn 4x) sz 10.596-’05 retro XIII “Altitudes” DS sz 1197-’05 retro XIII flint grey/ white DS sz 11

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You! What do you dislike about the art world?ZK: Gender bias

monlcer down jackets Boeing unveiled full scale mockup of their commercial CST 100 ‚Space Taxi’ on June 9, 2014 at its intended manufacturing facility at the moncler jacket outlet Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The private vehicle will launch US astronauts moncler outlets usa to low Earth orbit and the ISS from US soil. The third competitor involving Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser mini shuttle offering runway landings was not selected for further development.. monlcer down jackets

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moncler sale outlet I like to encourage positive strategies like these for feeding toddlers, instead of negative strategies like pressuring. Do better with eating when they get their parents undivided, positive attention, said Satter, adding the rule also applies cheap moncler jackets wholesale when serving take out or going to a restaurant. moncler outlet ny You put together a meal, it still important to sit down together and pay attention to each other when you eat it. moncler sale outlet

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Canada Goose Outlet Three month copper on the London Metal Exchange closed at $8,295 a tonne, up 1.16 percent on the day. Canada Goose Outlet

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Suffering from anxiety is so common now (or at least openly discussed) that I don’t feel a hint of embarrassment when it comes to talking about it, whether it’s with friends, strangers or our readers. Who doesn’t feel anxious about some life events? A first date, a big test, an important meeting—it’s just as common as any other emotion we feel. However, at 13 years old when my chronic anxiety began, it didn’t feel so normal at all—it turned what I believed to be my „normal” life completely upside down. – Continue Reading BelowAs a child I was very outgoing—I studied ballet and tap dance, I sang in my school chorus, I performed in school plays—I simply loved being on stage. I always thought it was silly when kids complained of pre-show jitters. What was there to be nervous about? It wasn’t a feeling that I experienced a lot. But one day, like the flip of a switch, everything changed. Suddenly, I was completely frightened to even speak in front of my 20-person classroom, let alone get on stage in front of hundreds of people.While people can experience anxiety at any point in their life, not all experience a definitive moment-in-time trigger as I did. Art Markman, the professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and author of Smart Change, explains that, „when there is a key triggering event, then the anxiety is often associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). However , there are plenty of people who suffer from long-term anxiety that do not have a clear source.” I fell into the latter—and I remember the trigger of my chronic anxiety like it was yesterday. It happened one morning in January 2001, a classmate vomited on my school bus. Like any other child present, I was grossed out, but didn’t think much of it, until the next day when I was frightened to go to school. I stayed home for the next 3 days, convincing myself that I might get sick if I went to school. Related: The Anxiety ClosetWhen I finally returned to school, I began to see my school guidance counselor, and by „see” I mean I would avoid any situations that made me nervous by heading to her office, after I had exhausted my nurse visits. When my situation wasn’t improving, I was sent to the school psychologist, who threw around the idea of putting me on medication to alleviate my anxiety. Markman explain, „it’s not clear what tips the balance between the normal responses to anxiety, which is triggered by aspects of the environment, and more general anxiety and depression. For people really suffering, though, medication can be an important part of the treatment process. It’s hard to work on changing thought patterns and responses to the environment when suffering from extreme anxiety.” If given the chance, I probably would’ve chosen to go on medication as my anxiety was truly affecting my day-to-day life, but my parents were convinced I could work throughout it on my own. – Continue Reading BelowI experienced a slight setback when my guidance counselor, whom I had begun to really trust and rely on, left the school. So, I began to see a therapist outside of school best prada replica , who got me to start meditating to help keep my anxiety at bay. With time, it helped to keep me in my classes—but I still couldn’t help feeling confused and depressed about what was going on inside my body, when all my friends were going on to do normal teenage things. With time, my parents and my therapist helped me to develop coping mechanisms to get me through my everyday life as an anxiety-ridden teenager. I always kept a pack of Altoid mints close to me when I was convinced I felt sick to my stomach. When I had to deliver a presentation in front of the class, I would ask my teacher if I could go first, which was daunting on its own but gave me less time to sit through class with my heart pounding out of my chest. I meditated at night, and visualized doing whatever was causing me stress. My mother was also a constant reminder that I was capable of being stronger than the bad thoughts inside my head. I really relied on these „safety behaviors” as Markman describes them. – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading Below”Carrying Xanax is one kind of safety behavior,” the doctor explains, „In its most extreme form, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) involves elaborate safety-behavior routines that someone performs to help them reduce their anxiety. The potential problem with safety behaviors is that people learn that the behavior is the thing that gets them through the fear, rather than facing the anxiety-provoking situation itself.” However, my mother really pushed me to face my fears. By my freshman year of high school, after several years of avoiding the school bus, my mother made a deal that if I could get on the school bus, she would continue to drive me every morning—and I got on it.Related: Pot StirringWhen I got older, I eventually turned to Xanax as my big-girl coping mechanism, simply carrying the pills with my translated to a king of „safety behavior.” Aside from performing, speaking in front of a class, and vomiting, I was also extremely afraid of airplanes. I spent many years avoiding any situations that would involve traveling by plane—I never studied abroad in college or went on spring break with my friends. I only got on a plane when absolutely necessary, i.e. my brother’s wedding and the birth of his first child—to which I spent most of the flights with my head in my mother’s lap, in tears. It wasn’t until I got the opportunity to fly to Miami for Art Basel in 2012 for a work assignment that I realized I needed to make an honest effort to kick my anxiety. I hadn’t been on a plane in almost 3 years, and the week leading up to the flight was completely agonizing. I would lay awake in the middle of the night thinking about my impending trip. Eventually, I got to the airport—with my mother along for the ride because, at 25, I had still never been on a plane by myself. I secured a prescription to the benzodiazepines from my physician, and it really helped. It didn’t change the negative thoughts in my head that something terrible would happen to my airplane, but it sedated me. I felt a little more calm and my heart wasn’t racing during the entire journey. – Continue Reading BelowI realized, like my other fears that I had conquered, it would only get better with practice. So, I made a conscious effort to face my fears with small steps. I traveled with friends that I felt comfortable with, across country, eventually working my way up to an international flight, all with the help of Xanax. A year after my first trip to Art Basel, I was set to return again for work, but this time I would fly alone and when I got to the airport, I was anxious but I didn’t feel the need to take my Xanax. I knew at that point I could survive a two and a half hour flight chemical-free.I’m finishing this story as I am embarking on my second cross-Atlantic journey sans Xanax (but I still keep it in my bag just in case, of course—safety behaviors can work). I would never say that I’ve „conquered” my flying-induced anxiety, I believe that I will have it for as long as I live, planes are just unsettling. However, I know that I have a handle on my chronic anxiety, and I don’t let it stop me from doing the things I need and want to do. Looking back on the past 14 years as an anxiety sufferer, I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made, and thankful that I had the support of family, several therapists, and very understanding friends to get me through very challenging times. From the editors of From: Harper's BAZAAR US

Overcoming Chronic Anxiety – Tips to Help Anxiety Sufferers

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De politie interviewde niemand die werkte vanuit de

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This is unusual, since Larklight orbits the Earth in a

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Al Qaida en de Islamitische Staat hebben concurerende claims

Bangladesh doodt 12 islamisten die verantwoordelijk zijn voor de aanval op een café

DHAKA (Reuters) Bangladeshi moncler jas heren sale veiligheidstroepen doodde op zaterdag 12 leden van een islamitische militante moncler jassen outlet groep moncler jas dames de schuld voor een dodelijke aanval op een café in Dhaka in juli, zeiden hoge ambtenaren.

De meeste militanten werden gedood tijdens een moncler nederland drie uur durende vuurgevecht toen veiligheidstroepen 2018 moncler vier schuilplaatsen in de buitenwijken van Dhaka binnenvielen. Dat zei minister-president Asaduzzaman Khan tegen verslaggevers.

Zeven militanten werden gedood in één aanval moncler heren nadat de politie getipt werd dat de JMB Dhaka eenheidshoofd en zijn medewerkers daar waren.

verzocht hen om zich over te geven maar moncler jassen heren in plaats daarvan openden ze het vuur bij onze officieren en ontploften ook granaten, zei Khan.

De doden omvatten de militaire commandant van JMB Dhaka, bekend als Akash, zei hij. proberen zijn ware identiteit te achterhalen, voegde Khan eraan toe.

De politie zei dat de verboden groep vermeende financier, Abdur Rahman, stierf toen hij vanuit een vierde etage sprong toen hij probeerde te ontsnappen. moncler outlet Drie miljoen taka ($ 38.000), een vuurwapen, moncler jassen heren sale munitie, explosieven en een stoorzender voor mobiele telefoons werden gevonden in zijn huis.

Drie politieagenten raakten gewond bij de operaties, die ook een grote hoeveelheid explosieven, wapens en machetes opleverden.

De aanval van 1 juli in de diplomatieke wijk van moncler outlet sale Dhaka bracht 22 moncler uitverkoop mensen om het leven, meestal moncler jas heren buitenlanders, en werd opgeëist door de Islamitische Staat.

Bangladesh is het moncler jas outlet afgelopen jas jaar getroffen door een golf van moorden op liberalen moncler jassen en leden van religieuze minderheden. Al Qaida en de Islamitische Staat hebben concurerende claims gemaakt over de aanslagen.

De politie heeft meer dan drie dozijn vermeende militanten gedood tijdens shootouts sinds de aanval op het café, inclusief het vermeende meesterbrein, de in Bangladesh geboren Canadese burger Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury.

De regering heeft consequent de aanwezigheid in het land van een transnationale militante organisatie zoals Al Qaida of de Islamitische Staat ontkend.

De politie gelooft dat New JMB betrokken was bij het organiseren van de moncler jassen dames caféaanval.

Het richten moncler dames van buitenlanders zou buitenlandse moncler jassen dames sale investeringen kunnen schaden in de arme Zuid-Aziatische economie, waarvan de exporterende moncler sale industrie met $ 28 miljard kleding de op één na grootste wereld is.

Politieagenten patrouilleren buiten de Holey Artisan Bakery en moncler jas sale het O ‚Kitchen Restaurant terwijl anderen de locatie inspecteren nadat schutters moncler jas dames sale zijn aangevallen, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 3 juli 2016. REUTERS / Adnan Abidi / File photo.

The Beast is back for moncler outlet online their 2018 season

star tribune obituaries and how to order

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Uber wants to come to our province (Manitoba

canada goose black friday sale what’s the canada goose clearance sale biggest story in your country right now canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose Mods cheap Canada Goose reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit canada goose store or to canada goose factory sale the experience of others. more >> cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets Comment uk canada goose outlet replies consisting solely of images will be removed. I never knew Canada Goose Coats On Sale the mafia was still this bad, but last year I was at Pompeii and on a private tour. As we we headed out our tour canada goose coats guide asked us to hold on a second and walked over to one of the bodyguards flanking this very attractive and buy canada goose jacket cheap well put together couple, said something to him and Canada Goose online came back. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance When he returned he explained that the guy was in charge of investigating and prosecuting mafia people canada goose uk outlet in Italy, and was always under threat so he had a small army of protection with him. So our guide didn want to approach the guy, but told his bodyguard to pass on a thank you for his hard work. Today there is apparently a strike. Taxis are blocking the entrances and exits of Brussels. canada goose clearance

canada goose In reality there are uk canada goose only around 650 taxis so only a few sides of Brussels are blocked. canada goose black friday sale And because everybody knew buy canada goose jacket it, they took the train or chose to work from home. Canada Goose Online So I not sure about the impact. The taximen canada goose uk shop are protesting against Uber (because Uber drivers don pay taxes and licenses that other taxi drivers are paying so this is disloyal competition) canada goose

canada goose coats Last week huge story was a huge scandal of a company called Veviba that was selling meat that had been frozen for years (and obviously rotting) to easter countries. Disgusting. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap (Update: I meant easterN countries. But I love easter eggs and I want chocolate)Wow. Uber wants to come to our province (Manitoba, Canada) but our insurance is public and didn allow for it. They lobbied the government who in turn caved, dissolved the taxicab board that oversaw all taxis, and changed insurance. But cheap canada goose uk Uber said canada goose clearance it wasn good enough and said they wouldn come if they didn get exactly what they want. This all while taxis were protesting, suing the government, petitioning, and striking. 2 or 3 smaller companies have since taken the opportunity the government has provided and are making bank. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose deals Our taxis canada goose coats on sale here were absolutely horrible. Because they could be. 2 companies ran the board Canada Goose Jackets and they allowed their drivers to get away with everything except murder. So then, with a couple I knew were friends and I hoped wouldn turn me in canada goose uk black friday for distributing subversive material, canadian goose jacket I showed a NY times article in Chinese to them, and they said that the NY times Canada Goose Parka must be wrong. There’s nobody picking up trash, so people just burn trash piles on the streets, which causes holes in the streets that no one patches up, along with food shortages, there are sickness infestation ls due to the filthy streets. canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket There are almost no cars. Of my entire extended family, Canada Goose Outlet only like three people have functioning cars right now. canadian goose jacket

canada goose store Crime and danger are at an Canada Goose sale all time high. If you canada goose have your phone out you’re practically asking to get mugged. Nobody stops at red lights anymore at night because of this. You’d have to be an idiot to, especially since cheap Canada Goose Parkas police officers no longer enforce the laws anyways canada goose store.

Huge backing is good, but one miss could be a bigger fall

Sanjay Van This place is still unknown to many people, even those living in the very state. During daytime, this place doesn’t looks creepy, in fact, it is an interesting place to get away from nature enthusiasts and bird watchers. It is a small forest expanding 10 sq km, and is very close to Qutub Minar.

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canada goose coats The Avs will host a New Year’s Eve game for the sixth consecutive season, as they welcome the Los Angeles Kings to Pepsi Center on Dec. 31. Colorado’s schedule features 18 „weekend” games at Pepsi Center, including seven on Friday, 10 on Saturday and one on Sunday. canada canada goose uk goose coats

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canada goose uk shop I’ve found that affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. It is NOT a „get rich quick” type of business model, although it is possible. This is the type of business that you must study and work at consistently. He may be the most skilled player on the team but you have to go about proving that and there a lot of preparation that has to go into it. Pats remain high on forward Logan Nijhoff, who showed promise as a 16 year old rookie. The team also sees excellent potential in two recent undrafted signings: Speedy forward Carter Massier and American winger Garrett Wright, both 17.. canada goose uk shop

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