CCA enters into contracts with the federal

Canada Goose Outlet Fitch rates Corrections Corp of America

Canada Goose sale (The following statement was released by the rating agency)

canada goose clearance Feb 7 Fitch Ratings has assigned a initial Issuer Default Rating (IDR) to Corrections Corp. of America (CCA). Fitch has also assigned canada goose store a rating to the company $785 million secured credit facility, and a rating to $645 million of senior unsecured notes. Canada Goose online The Rating Outlook is Stable. The IDR considers the attractive long term credit characteristics of the private correctional facilities industry, including:

cheap Canada Goose (2) modest private sector penetration of prison populations, andCCA maintains a leading position (44% market share) in the industry, which is highly concentrated and has significant barriers to entry. cheap Canada Goose GEO Group is its largest competitor with about 31% market share. Fitch also views the industry in the context of a comparable set that includes hotels, hospitals, private canada goose prisons, and REITs. private correctional facilities industry is at an canada goose outlet online early stage of its industry life cycle. Although the privatization of correctional facilities dates back to the early 1980s, only about 10% of beds are currently outsourced. The number of outsourced beds has grown from 11,000 in 1990 to more than 205,000 today, Canada Goose Outlet or a CAGR of 15.7% over that time frame. In contrast, canada goose black friday sale roughly 20% of hospital beds are privatized. CCA business reflects the stability tied to contractual income. CCA enters into contracts with the federal, cheap canada goose uk state, and/or local governments that guarantees (1) a per diem rate or (2) a take or pay arrangement that guarantees minimum occupancy levels.

canada goose Typical contracts are for roughly 3 5 years with multiple renewal terms, but can be terminated at any time without cause. Additionally, contracts are subject to legislative bi annual or annual appropriation canada goose factory sale of funds, so strained budget situations at federal, state, and local Canada Goose Jackets levels could pressure negotiated rates. Mitigating this concern is that the company had strong relative financial performance through the recent recession. The company received Canada Goose Online six requests for assistance with contracts in 2009 2010, but only one in 2011. CCA was able to adjust cost items in contracts to compensate for reduced revenue levels such that the contracted profit did not Canada Goose sale deteriorate. Since 2007, Fitch calculates that EBITDA has grown from $354 million to $455 million on an LTM Sept. 30, 2011 basis, without reflecting a decline in any single year. Another concern is that the company customers are concentrated. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE; 12%). State customers accounted for 50% buy canada goose jacket cheap of revenues in 2010 with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) making up 13%.

canada goose coats on sale Value of Real Estate is Limited: Based on a cost of $60,000 per bed, the replacement cost of the company 45 facilities is around canadian goose jacket $3.8 billion, which compares to roughly $1.2 billion canada goose clearance of debt and a current enterprise value of $3.5 billion. The company real estate holdings provide only modest credit support in uk canada goose outlet Fitch view. There are limited alternative uses of prisons, the properties are often in rural areas, and there is no established mortgage market as a contingent Canada Goose Parka liquidity source. However, the facilities do provide essential governmental services, so there is inherent value in the properties. Additionally, prisons have a long depreciable life (50 years) with a practical useful life greater than that (75 years) and CCA has a young owned portfolio (average age of 15 years) CCA Maintains a Strong Financial Profile: As of Sept. 30, 2011 Fitch calculates total debt/ LTM EBITDA canada goose uk black friday of 2.7x, interest coverage of 6.2x, and FFO fixed charge coverage of 4.9x. CCA maintains solid financial flexibility as it generates canada goose coats on sale annual FFO less maintenance capex of roughly $250 million that can be used to support an ample amount of fluctuations in accounts receivable, prison construction, share repurchases, and/or dividends. Ratings incorporate management Canada Goose Coats On Sale current financial policies including: (1) a target leverage ratio of 3.0x; (2) a fixed charge coverage of no less than 3.5x; and (3) minimum liquidity of at least $100 million.

Canada Goose Parka The company ROI hurdle rate is 13% 15% cash on cash, pre tax EBITDA returns to all capital investments. CCA debt maturity profile is attractive. The company executed a credit facility refinancing transaction on Jan. 6, 2012, for $785 million, which replaced canada goose clearance sale the existing $450 million facility, extended the term to Dec. 2016, canada goose uk outlet repaid $335 million of 2013 unsecured notes (out of $375 million outstanding), and achieved pricing of L+150. Following the transaction, outstanding unsecured bonds include $40 million of 6.25% senior notes due 2013, $150 million of 6.75% senior notes due 2014, and $455 million of 7.75% of senior notes due 2017. The secured credit facility is rated one notch above the IDR. CCA accounts receivables are pledged as collateral, which totaled $261 million as of Sept. 30, 2011. Equity in the company buy canada goose jacket domestic operating subsidiaries and 65% of international subs are also pledged as collateral, but long term fixed assets are not pledged. As of LTM Sept. 30, 2011, uk canada goose leverage through the secured credit facility was roughly 0.5x and 1.0x on a fully drawn basis.

canada goose store On an LTM Sept. 30, 2011 canada goose uk shop basis and proforma for the refinancing transaction, leverage through the secured credit facility would be roughly 1.6x on a fully drawn basis. Considerations canada goose coats for an investment grade IDR include the following:.

Closures have been canada goose factory sale offset by new

canada goose coats on sale neighborhood bookstores thrive in digital age canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats independent bookstores are discovering how to flourish despite the growth of electronic canada goose coats on sale books with canada goose black friday sale some even looking to form an uk canada goose alliance with a formidable competitor Google. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket An employee holds books as she poses for photographers in a bookshop in London October 5, 2009. REUTERS/Toby Melville buy canada goose jacket

canada goose The New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association, which represents bookstores in the northeast, said its canada goose uk shop membership has remained steady at about 300 stores over the last decade. Closures have been canada goose factory sale offset by new stores opening and existing stores have developed new business strategies. canada goose

Canada Goose sale The New York travel bookstore Idlewild Canada Goose Jackets offers canada goose uk outlet French and Italian lessons; San Francisco The Booksmith hosts singles events for book lovers; and Politics and Prose in canada goose coats Washington offers 10 readings each week. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap New York Magazine declared Bookstores Rising in a recent profile of 13 new or refurbished New cheap canada goose uk York bookstores. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale often say we like Mark Twain: that the rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated, said Oren Teicher, chief executive of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), an industry group for independent Canada Goose online bookstores. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka The ABA has reached a deal with Google Editions Google digital bookstore, due to launch this fall that would allow its 14,000 members to sell buy canada goose jacket Google eBooks through their websites. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance sale Editions will serve as an e bookstore, an e book wholesaler, an e book discovery platform and an e book storage system in the cloud, said Jeannie Hornung, spokeswoman for Google Books and News. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Jackets anticipate Google Editions will be a popular channel for independent bookstores with a web presence, said Hornung, adding that canada goose Google expected hundreds of bookstores to sign on. bookstore chain, which has 2018 Black Friday Canada Goose put itself up for sale amid declining sales. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance into the business of being able to provide digital content to consumers is one canadian goose jacket way in which to evolve, Teicher said. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose online While the details of the alliance are still being sorted out, canada goose store bookstore owners say there is no contradiction in a community bookstore selling eBooks. Canada Goose online

canada goose store we hear Canada Goose Parka from our customers is a great deal of enthusiasm for price bundling, buy canada goose jacket cheap so you can read the physical book at home when you in bed at night and uk canada goose outlet when you on the subway Canada Goose Coats On Sale you can read the same book on your e reader, said Rachel Meier, general manager at Booksmith. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet ALL THINGS While book sales are down, industry experts say the demand for bookstores with a local feel remains strong. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose Bookstore owners say the industry has found canada goose clearance new life with the locavore movement, which puts a premium on locally grown or raised food. The trend has brought farmers markets and cheap Canada Goose by extension breweries and craft soap factories to cities. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose deals are rediscovering the value of an independent store that connected to their neighborhood and Canada Goose Online understands them and their tastes, said Jessica Stockton Bugnolo, who opened Greenlight Bookstore this year. She also signed on with ABA to begin selling Google Editions. canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket are still promoting the story, and whether you want to read it on paper or on your iPad, we still Canada Goose Outlet want to be able to sell that story to Canada Goose sale consumers, said Eileen Dengler, executive director of the canada goose uk black friday New Atlantic Independent canada goose clearance sale Booksellers Association. wants to do it. It how they going to do it canadian goose jacket.

As such, I think it perfectly reasonable for laypeople to

canadian goose jacket kgod88 u

Canada Goose Parka kgod88 7 points submitted 10 hours ago

buy canada goose jacket cheap FHD is almost certainly gonna be remembered/discussed in 20 years, for the double platinum with no features thing if nothing else. I think it kinda remains to be seen how much cultural impact it will have.

buy canada goose jacket The thing that seems to make some of Kendrick work (particularly GKMC/TPAB) „indisputable” Canada Goose Jackets classics is their lyrical/conceptual content. I mean it kind of has to be that, because plenty of other albums canada goose clearance have been as popular or more so and arguably as influential yet aren „indisputable” classics. If we bring lyricism into the fold, I think canada goose uk black friday FHD case becomes Canada Goose Outlet weaker. If we limit it to impact, I think it will probably have a pretty cheap Canada Goose strong case.

canada goose coats It is canada goose worth comparing it to older albums tho. The Chronic is definitely an „indisputable” classic and its canada goose uk outlet lyricism is no better than FHD (probably worse overall). A lot of older classic albums fall uk canada goose into that. So it hard to say definitively what makes an album a classic, it seems to vary from album to album

canada goose black friday sale kgod88 4 points submitted 10 hours ago

canada goose coats on sale I don see it as a diss despite the fact he was insulting them canada goose store in parts. I cheap canada goose uk see it as more like a dad giving advice to a son or a wise old man giving advice to a younger generation (which is pretty much true even tho Cole is only 33). He tough but real. He starts by saying he understands their situation and gives them props on their success, then goes into what he sees is wrong with their music and behavior and tells them how they need to fix it. Sure he criticizes them but it not really in the manner of a diss, more like offering advice while being real with them

canada goose deals lilsoundcloud 46 points submitted 2 days ago

Canada Goose online really up for debate, i would say the next wave is whoever will have a career more than Canada Goose Coats On Sale 2 years lol, i personally think the following canada goose black friday sale guys are paving a new way:

IDK, Denzel Curry, Sylvan LaCue, Brockhampton, Tate Kobang, uk canada goose outlet SAINt JHN, Reese LaFlare, Indica, Canada Goose Parka Eli Sostre, Cousin Stizz

this is a very objective question obviously, its opinion but this is mine 🙂

again all in my opinion but i dont think guys like pump, canada goose outlet store xxxtentacion, insert edgy name here are gonna last simply based off of the fact that they are blowing up so hard right now, you are getting so much of them all the time that its going to keep a small percentage of listeners around, more and more artists will come out of the woodwork and grab attention, those named people dont switch it up enough, we already know who they are as people and as rappers, they havent left anything up for interpretation from the canadian goose jacket audience, nothing exclusive about their characters, in fact its the opposite: they flood their characters to the point that we know what to expect from the music and this is very canada goose factory sale risky for the long term, you might be hot as shit right now but in 2 years when the label doesnt want to reup on your deal you will have wished you spent less and stayed in the studio longer and got off instagram sooner

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canada goose To answer your first point: I think the confusion here is arising from the use of the word „law,” which seems to canada goose uk shop suggest an immutable fact that is universally true and therefore must be „set” by something, be it nature or a god. Granted, natural laws are universal as far as we know, but that only because we haven observed situations in which they aren true (with the exception of some extreme cosmic phenomena like black holes). In other words, these „laws” are actually just Canada Goose sale collections of observations that all point in the same direction.

canada goose store An example canada goose coats might be useful here. Let take the law of conservation Canada Goose Online of mass.

canada goose clearance sale In an isolated system, we have never observed a case in which mass is lost as a result of chemical reactions or physical transformations. Another way of saying this is, every time we observed these changes in an isolated system, no mass has been lost. Because we have never observed a case to the contrary, we call this a „law.” If we ever do observe a case to the contrary, this „law” would immediately come into question, or at the very least would have to be amended.

canada goose clearance Now, to your second point. It may be true that some theists (though certainly not all) believe that they have literally seen god. The key distinction between an observation of this sort and a scientific observation is that the latter is replicable. If he could actually do this in an incontrovertible way, I have Canada Goose online no choice but to adopt his religion. The problem is that literally no theist has been able to replicate his or her religious observations in buy canada goose jacket an irrefutable way. If a scientist, on the other hand, wanted to replicate the law of conservation of mass, he would simply need to perform a chemical reaction or a physical transformation in an isolated system.

kgod88 6 points submitted 7 days ago

Canada Goose sale Insofar as we talking about findings that really aren canada goose coats on sale replicable by laypeople CERN is a good example of this I think this is a valid point. As such, I think it perfectly reasonable for laypeople to hedge their bets by saying things like „assuming these conclusions are accurate.” and otherwise maintaining a healthy level of skepticism.

cheap Canada Goose Now, to some extent we do have to trust the experts in at least some cases. Even if you a professional scientist, you certainly can be an expert in every field, nor are you likely to be able to replicate buy canada goose jacket cheap every experiment, even in your own field. In these cases, we need to be able to evaluate, based on a variety of factors, experts adherence to the scientific method and academic integrity, and canada goose clearance sale accept the conclusions of their experiments without actually replicating them. Still, in these cases it worth hedging your bets and maintaining skepticism as I mentioned above.

Canada Goose Jackets That being said, many of the more basic natural laws that initiated this conversation really are replicable by laypeople. You or I could perform an experiment to test the law of conservation of matter, for example.

They face other challenges such as persuading Asian fund

Canada Goose Parka Independent analysts take a bite out of investment banks in Asia

canada goose coats on sale HONG KONG (Reuters) After 27 canada goose clearance years working for investment Canada Goose Coats On Sale banks and hedge funds, Hong Kong based equity research analyst Paul Schulte decided it was time to fly solo.

canada goose clearance The independent canadian goose jacket research industry has started to gain a foothold in Asia. It is already relatively mature in the West thanks to regulations enacted last decade in the United States to end the conflicts of interest between banks and analysts.

Now, a growing canada goose clearance sale number of analysts are trying their luck as independents, selling knowledge and expertise picking stocks, as investment banks have cut back on research departments in the wake of the global financial crisis.

are in a very different world, Schulte, uk canada goose a 48 year old American, told Reuters in a Hong Kong office space that he shares with other companies.

the last four years, if you don see that the research game in investment banks is over, then you are just a fool, said the ex Lehman executive.

Canada Goose online Banks were and continue to be under pressure because of shrinking trading volumes, thinning client lists and regulatory changes restricting their proprietary trading activities.

As a Canada Goose Jackets result, there were less jobs and pay in research units, and less chance of career advancement. It became a recipe for disillusion, raising questions over professional values and quality of life for Schulte.

buy canada goose jacket you are Canada Goose online inside an institution, there are canada goose store fundamental conflicts of interest.

canada goose deals people just don feel comfortable anymore working for financial institutions.

These days he is unafraid to make a lot more sell recommendations than he ever did working for banks. Nearly half of his calls are right now as compared to less than a tenth that the teams he led at banks regularly issued.

Schulte, who also teaches at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong, is among a growing number of independent analysts challenging the overly optimistic ratings that the sell side analysts often give to the companies they cover.

canada goose clearance sale Critics have long said that research analysts working for banks were too soft on companies, while independent analysts canada goose black friday sale can canada goose uk shop be more cold eyed and ready to issue sell calls, helping clients to short or stay away from struggling companies.

Top analysts, who just a few years ago took home $1 million plus, have become increasingly unaffordable and left banks to set canada goose coats up on their own.

The inroads made in Asia canada goose uk outlet by independents are modest and few are profitable, but the growth is evident.

canada goose store Commissions paid to the independent research industry in Asia has risen by 40 percent to $200 million since 2009, according to Integrity Research Associates, a consultant.

Canada Goose Outlet By comparison, global equity commissions, which are mainly paid to investment banks, fell 21 percent $27.7 billion.

canadian goose jacket GROWTH INDUSTRY In April, Schulte joined the platform of IND X Securities (Asia) Ltd, a marketing and canada goose coats on sale support firm for independent analysts, and founded his own research service.

Canada Goose sale Hong Kong based IND X has marketing and support relationships with over 30 quality independent canada goose factory sale research providers, focusing mainly on Asia and emerging markets. It estimates there are roughly 40 such independent firms operational in Asia.

canada goose black friday sale A number of analysts in the region have built up more than a decade of experience, command a canada goose following among fund managers and are ready to take the risk of striking out on their own.

The funds industry itself is maturing. As the rank of experienced analysts shrink at banks due to cost pressures, senior portfolio managers are likely to consider subscribing to independent research firms started by top analysts.

are sort of grizzled analysts, who are disillusioned, highly Canada Goose Parka sceptical, do not want to Canada Goose Outlet work for big investment banks and they have seen a number of cycles and that uk canada goose outlet what people pay for, said Gillem Tulloch, founder of Forensic Asia.

Canada Goose Jackets Independent research firms charge anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 per year subscription fees in Asia.

To keep cost down they share resources, Canada Goose sale often hosting meetings at Starbucks rather than the boardroom. They face other challenges such as persuading Asian fund managers, who are used to getting support from the cheap Canada Goose sell side, to pay for research.

canada goose coats Louis Vincent Gave, the chief executive of a 60 man team at Gavekal, said canada goose uk black friday one of the main challenges is also from the rise of passive funds and exchange traded funds that require no research to invest and are getting more popular globally.

don think canada goose mens jacket sale we are going to see a wholesale migration of the research function from banks to the independent research space, said Tim Condon, managing director and head of Asian research at ING Groep NV in Singapore.

buy canada goose jacket cheap is definitely room for them but they will be at the fringes. Research is free at the banks and comes packaged with other benefits for the buy side.

Banks help funds execute trade and arrange corporate access. While technology is making execution less of an advantage, banks continue to rule when it comes to connecting fund managers with companies using their buy canada goose jacket cheap investment banking relationships.

canada goose It tough for the independent analysts to match that, buy canada goose jacket but they say clients do not expect cheap canada goose uk corporate access from them but value and pay for research and opinion Canada Goose Online.