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cheap moncler outlet A SURF life saving manager has told an inquest how a Sunshine Coast teen drowning led to a decision to split U15 events off moncler sale to a separate national youth championship. cheap moncler outlet

Surf Lifesaving Australia sports manager Nathan Hight said it was a „significant shift” that sprang from debate about the competency and physiological differences between U15s and U17s.

Matt Barclay, 14, disappeared in the surf off Kurrawa, while competing in a U15 board event at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships on the Gold Coast, on March 28, 2012.

moncler sale The coroner is investigating whether the national championships event should have been postponed or cancelled over safety concerns, and what policies were in place to assess moncler factory outlet that. moncler sale

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland investigator cheap moncler jackets Peter Hurrey told the court he believed event officials should moncler outlet sale have stopped Matt race, a move organisers moncler jackets outlet had made cheap moncler coats earlier in the day due to big seas, to comply with their duty to competitors.

He said while some experienced personnel had no problem with the conditions, earlier competitors were concerned about the conditions and lifeguards concerns were not communicated to senior officials.

Mr Hurrey a barrister and Mooloolaba Surf Lifesaving Club member said official should have taken into account it was a children event and that the Inflatable Rescue Boat was on the beach instead of moncler outlet online in the water.

moncler mens jackets „It problematic from a Workplace Health and Safety point of view,” he said. moncler mens jackets

„The fact that you dealing with kids who aren as qualified in one sense and the fact that you didn have the safety craft in position, the IRB ready to go to perform its function, I think it should probably have been either delayed until that was in cheap moncler place and moved. to where the break wasn as bad,” he said.

cheap moncler coats Matt dad Steve said the inquest was tough for his family, noting his teenage daughter especially found it hard to listen to. moncler outlet cheap moncler coats

moncler moncler outlet uk sale outlet He said he thought there were good points and bad points that had come out of the evidence, which will conclude today.(Tuesday) moncler sale outlet

„Some points are very difficult to listen to, certainly not like the first part of the trial where we heard from the pathologist so some of these things are more perfunctory than anything,” he said.

Mr Hight said U15s were this year prohibited from competing in higher age groups, which they had been allowed to do in the past, cheap moncler jackets sale and there was now also debate about whether U17s and U19s should be allowed to compete above their division.

moncler outlet online He said 2015 would be the first year that U14s and U15s would have their own two day event at North Kirra beach on April 11 and 12, which would precede the masters and open events over cheap moncler outlet the following seven days. moncler outlet online

Barrister Steve Courtney, acting for the Barclay family, asked Mr Hight about the changes between 19 year old competitor Saxon Bird death at the event in March, 2010, and Matt death in March, 2012.

moncler outlet „What actually was delivered? I realise a lot was in the planning but actually on the beach (what was) delivered that would increase the likelihood of an incapacitated competitor surviving?” Mr Courtney asked. moncler moncler outlet jackets outlet

cheap moncler jackets Mr Hight said the only tangible controls were high visibility vests used from 2011 and the shallow water rescue team initiative from 2012. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler sale But the inquest heard that shallow water rescue team, who were sought from all over Australia, had Moncler Outlet never tested their abilities for the role. cheap moncler sale

„It had been a table top exercise,” he said.

cheap moncler Mr Hight said there had since been practical training a full missing person exercise done in a white water environment at the 2013 and 2014 events. cheap moncler

„The enhancement made in 2013 14 was all about activating quickly and organising quickly that group,” he said.

moncler outlet sale Mr Hight said the organisation had plans to introduce surfboat helmet use during hazardous conditions from October this year once a supply issue had been sorted out. moncler outlet sale

He also said SLSA did not want to rush down the path of mandatory use across all surf disciplines on all craft during surf hazards until they had the policies right.

monlcer down jackets SLSA personal risk safety manager Andrew Bradstreet said hundreds of vests had been tested but none had yet met Australian Standards so they could not be introduced into the sport. monlcer down jackets

buy moncler jackets He said the problem with buoyancy devices was that they must moncler jacket sale be appropriately fitted to individual bodies, noting they could ride up around shoulders and become redundant when it came to keeping a body afloat. buy moncler jackets

When shown a vest that could have different types of buoyancy placed inside it to suit varying body types, Mr Bradstreet said it had a „somewhat of an illusionary buoyancy benefit”.

moncler outlet store „We can provide guarantees that particular vest will work in all situations,” he said. moncler outlet store

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At that point, an additional allotment of observing time will

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I am a recovering alcoholic who is also a RN

Ostergaard and Zellitti apologized to Young, and their families even offered to pay her medical bills. But instead of forgiving the well intentioned teens, the disgruntled woman sued them. A Durango judge awarded Young almost $900 for medical expenses but denied her demand for nearly $3,000 in punitive damages, including lost wages and new motion sensor lights for her porch.

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went as far as to call Lithuania a robber who wants to take

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canada goose outlet store The fallout from Ebola could be deeper. Unlike SARS, which is spread by airborne droplets, Ebola seems to infect through direct contact with bodily fluids. But what looks like a fatality rate of 54 percent is around six times the level of SARS. The disposal ends a stand of lasting several years between Lithuania and Russia over the implementation of EU rules which aim to separate gas supply from the ownership of distribution networks rules which have been strongly Canada Goose sale criticized by the Kremlin.The two gas companies were sold to two state owned entities for a combined 140.8 million euros ($191.7 million).Lietuvos Dujos sells gas to households and businesses and has a market share of canada goose clearance sale 40 percent, while Amber Grid operates a gas transmission network.Gazprom was not immediately available to comment.Gazprom is Canada Goose Jackets supplier of a quarter of Europe gas needs and also faces an EU probe for suspected anti competitive behaviourin some eastern European markets, including overcharging customers and blocking rival suppliers.The buy canada goose jacket Russian company said earlier this year it was keen to settle the antitrust investigation but would not be pushed into changing its pricing practices in eastern Europe by regulatory pressure.SEPARATION OF ASSETS The Lithuanian government said taking control of the country gas system would allow it to implement the EU rules that require the separation of supply and transmission assets.The government said it was open to Canada Goose online the possibility of selling some of its holdings shares to outside investors, but had no immediate plans to do so.While Lithuania canada goose coats plans Canada Goose Parka to start cheap Canada Goose importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2015, Gazprom is expected to remain a key gas supplier and the asset sale should not affect agreed gas prices until the end of 2015, officials said. [ID:nL6N0NU46E] Lithuania plans to import 0.54 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas via the LNG terminal in Klaipeda port per year. The country total gas consumption averages about 3 bcm.Gazprom exit from Lithuania could mark a turning point in the Baltic state relations with Russia, an important trade partner, former energy minister Arvydas Sekmokas said.went as far as to call Lithuania a robber who wants to take away property from Gazprom, Sekmokas said, canada goose store referring to the Russian president. canada goose outlet store

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The dcor has an elegant, 1920s feel but the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and it has a large garden that’s packed most evenings. To go with cocktails, both creative and classic, they serve tasty comfort food like grilled cheese sandwiches and crunchy fries, plus fresh, briny oysters.This is an extract from Insider Brooklyn by Rachel Felder, published by Harper Design, an imprint of HarperCollins. The hardback is out now priced 17.99;buy it here..

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