They don want felony gun charges hitting the stats if they can

Canada Goose Jackets Car Chase On Magnificent Mile Early Thursday Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Parka Its because they way they keep down stats is by aiming for the lowest bar possible. They don want felony gun charges hitting the stats if they can help it. Shooting a gun from a car at another car easily meets Agg Assault w/ Deadly Weapon, as well as a whole host of violent felonies but they aren interested in that unless its a major story they can avoid. Remember, the shithead who shot Cmdr Bauer got hit with several dozen different versions of murder because thats a story with canada goose uk shop a ton of attention. canada goose coats however cop witnesses saw the Charger and a VW chasing each other up and down the Mag Mile, and recovered a spent shell near the old Apple store.A few months ago, the canada goose uk black friday girl and I were driving on Lower Wacker around 12am after a Friday date buy canada goose jacket night and heading back to Canada Goose online her place. We passed the only other vehicle on Lower Wacker. Not crazy speeds or anything. They ended up stuck at a light that we made it through.Unknowing to me, they didn like that and they were in a race to catch up to me near Lasalle exit. They got up next to me. I have a nice car and they put down their window. Can tell there are several cheap canada goose uk people in the car. Probably ages 19 22 or so. I figure they want to race or something. So I put my window down (done this dozens of times, use to own faster cars and this is normal). The guy just says „what” and I say „what”. He says canada goose factory sale „what” again. At canada goose this point, my street sense immediately tells me this is going South. I conceal carry under my steering wheel. I simply put my hand on it. I don pull it or anything. He says „what” again and all of a sudden he pulls a gun and uk canada goose outlet fires two shots directly at the girl face. Luckily misses us, because he is probably an untrained idiot (thank god for us). I immediately draw my weapon and began putting down my back window to return fire as I slam on the brakes. He has also slammed on his brakes in perfect timing for his LaSalle exit (clearly not the first time he has done this, it was too setup and fluid for him). I don fire as I don see the need and he has ceased firing and there just Canada Goose Jackets no threat anymore. However, I gun it to the LaSalle on ramp and head down the wrong way to try and catch a plate or something but he loses us. I on the phone with 911 while doing so.911 never shows up to inspect my car or take an official report or anything. Called again to inform them my home canada goose clearance address once I was Canada Goose Online home. Stayed up to 4am. No one ever showed Canada Goose sale up. They gave zero fucks.They shouldn just Canada Goose Coats On Sale care when a person actually gets hit. They should care at the point canada goose uk outlet of any shooting, because I have zero doubts canada goose store in my mind the people that shot at us was their first or last time. They will or have hit someone guaranteed. Not Lower Wacker.I wasn’t going to race. I don’t drive a powerful car anymore like I used to and I don’t have the protection (sensors/jammers) I used to either. LSD is not good for it anyway. Typically always cops along it. The common question I get is canada goose coats on sale someone asking me what kind of car I have. I’ve removed all badging and changed the logo badges. So I get a lot of people asking me what kind of car it is. I assumed it was either that question or him wanting to race which I would have declined.Don’t have to jump straight to being a dick conclusions. There is no ego here. It’s called having fun and I’ve done it hundreds of times without issue. I even do it when I know I’m canada goose clearance sale going to lose and I’m uk canada goose ok losing. It’s all fun. So, again, zero ego. This is the first time something negative has ever happened and buy canada goose jacket cheap it’s still not going to stop me from being friendly to other car people in the future.Regardless. Do you really think Canada Goose Parka they’d just ignore us if we didn’t roll down the window? My windows aren’t bulletproof and they would have kept following us until we did. They would have potentially exited at the same exit as us. „Oh well they’re not rolling down the window. Ignore them.” They probably would have gotten madder and shot more at us. You’re completely missing the point where they were already mad at us/targeted us. cheap Canada Goose Prior to any window rolling down. The window rolling didn’t escalate them. They already had their decisions in mind.This also took place on Christmas Eve. I was having a good night and wasn’t really expecting to be shot at. Who shoots people on Christmas.You are clearly not part of the car guy/gal world and anymore explaining beyond this, you just won’t get it. You seem so fun too. If someone rolls down their window to ask Canada Goose Outlet you for directions, do you just stare straight ahead and ignore them? Sounds like a blast. Try being more friendly. This one incident doesn’t jeopardize the literally hundreds of non incident (see: friendly) encounters I’ve canadian goose canada goose outlet sale jacket had. We literally did nothing. Didn look at them weird or say canada goose black friday sale anything to them. We simply drove about 5mph faster than them and made a light they didn That was enough to upset their ego with their friends in the car. They couldn accept that and had to regain their „badassery” level Canada Goose Parka.

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